(Barcelona, 1990) My name is Clara Pardo Gromaches, I’m an Architect graduated from the University of Girona and La Sapienza University of Rome; and an architectural photographer from the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia. Photography has accompanied me since I was 14, when I bought my first DSLR camera. Since that time I have continued shooting and investigating between digital and analog photography to share my view on urban landscape, architecture and different cultures.

Currently I’m working as an Architect, photographer with the firm “Clara Gromaches” and visiting Professor of Architecture Photography at the University of Girona. I’m based between Barcelona/Girona and India, but you could often find me travelling somewhere else.

I’m eager for collaborations with architecture firms, travel companies, freelancers and non-profit-organizations. I love to receive unexpected e-mails so feel free to contact me at:


If you are willing to purchase a numbered and limited copy of my work, check at the shop section or e-mail me with your enquire ; )